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Pellet stove service is the professional alternative to dealer service.
We install, repair and clean just about any pellet stove in New England. 

Since 2003 we have dedicated our company to servicing ONLY pellet burning stoves, pellet boilers and pellet furnaces. If you are looking for a pellet stove repair, a pellet stove installation or a pellet stove cleaning you have come to the right place.

Pellet Stove Installation

Optimal performance for any pellet stove starts with the correct pellet stove installation. knows that just meeting local and State codes for installation is not enough! Pellet stoves require special venting materials which are different from gas and traditional wood stove venting systems. Pellet stove installations must meet all local and State building codes but not necessarily meet the minimum requirements. Following ALL of the recommended installation requirements from the manufacturer will yield the best possible performance with the least amount of seasonal maintenance. Read more

Pellet Stove Repair

Pellet Stove Service provides repair service most brands, and can readily get parts for: Avalon, Lopi, Harman, Lennox, Whitfield, Englander, Summers Heat, Timber Ridge, Breckwell, Enviro, Rika, Regency, Vista Flame, USSC, Quadrafire, St. Croix and more.

We are the alternative to dealer service for all repair services concerning your pellet stove. Read more

Is your pellet stove not putting out as much heat as it used to? Are you always cleaning the glass on your pellet stove? Has your pellet stove stopped feeding pellets? Has your dealer tried to repair your pellet stove more than once for the same problem? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you need our pellet stove expertise! Owning a pellet stove should make your life easier. Read More