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Service Plans

End of Season™ Service Plan

Every pellet stove should be thoroughly cleaned and inspected by a qualified person at least once a year. This is the service that we have built our entire business around and is the most popular service product we offer.
This service plan is designed for folks that would like to have a trained professional service their stove. It includes one (1) end of season cleaning only and does not include a winter follow up visit or any extended service warranty.
With our end of season service, one of our NFI Pellet Certified technicians will come out and inspect your entire system, which includes the appliance and the venting to the outside air. This is a diagnostic, tear-down cleaning that involves removing most or all of the vital components of the stove and then putting the stove parts all back together again. The venting for the appliance will also be cleaned and inspected. When we are finished, we will start the stove and make sure that we check our work and verify that the appliance is working correctly.

During this visit, if you have any questions regarding the appliance, how to use and care for it or want to become more knowledgeable about pellet fuel, just ask. Our technicians are trained to assist and educate the end user on good, better and best practices to empower you to get the most out of your pellet heating investment.

Hassle Free Heat™ Service Plan

The Hassle Free Heat™ service plan is designed for those who burn 3 or more tons and depend on their stove as a primary heat source. It includes one (1) end of season cleaning and one (1) mid-winter follow up cleaning to restore performance to the appliance just as the coldest part of the season kicks in. All manufacturers suggest that the appliance be completely cleaned after each 1-2 tons. This plan takes care of it for you.

Hearth appliances were not designed to carry the heating demands of a whole house and homes aren’t really designed to be heated using a hearth appliance. Simply put, we all get addicted to our stoves and the cost savings and we forget that our stove is getting overworked. Hassle Free Heat™ was designed with these considerations in mind.

Believe us when we tell you this, folks that opt in to this plan, generally do not experience any problems during the heating season. Our stoves as well as the stoves of hundreds of our customers have proven the model. We’re so confident about Hassle Free Heat™ we’re willing to extend a labor warranty against mechanical breakdowns during the entire enrollment term.  If your appliance has a mechanical breakdown, instead of charging the full service call fee to come out and solve the problem you will only be charged a flat $95 service fee. Limitations will apply; see our terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions of the Hassle Free Heat™ Service Plan

    1. Hassle Free Heat™ service plan is reserved for existing customers only within our service area.

    2. The Hassle Free Heat™ service plan is valid from the date of your first service appointment until the last day of February of the following year.
    Customers who qualify for the Hassle Free Heat™ service plan and enroll will only pay an hourly service call fee of $95 per hour during the following season should any repair work be needed for the stove. There is no discount on parts during the heating season but we will offer a 10% discount on all parts installed to equipment prior to Sept 1st, 2015.

    3. reserves the right to refuse this plan to any customer for any reason. While we do want your business and want to design plans that save you money over the long term, many customers have stoves that are aging and should consider being replaced or rebuilt.

    4. Call backs or return visits regarding of fseason services: Starting this year, we will be advising many of you to consider replacing essential parts that are showing signs of wear. After your service we will start your stove and monitor it to make sure that the stove is running properly. Any problems or issues regarding the stove, installation venting, or overall performance will be noted. Recommendations may be made for replacement parts. Your signature on our service ticket is your acknowledgment that you witnessed the stove working correctly OR that additional work is required and we have made arrangements to fix the problem OR you are willing chance it and continue on without additional work.


Once we receive your order, we will call you to verify the work ticket and contact information. During this call we may schedule the service call or place your work ticket in to our scheduling pool to be scheduled at a later date. Typically, service dates will be during the months of May through July, Monday through Friday.
We are happy to work around any dates that work best for you, however; during the off season we do not schedule Saturday or evening appointments.

Signing Up

All of our early buy End of Season™ and Hassle Free Heat™ Service Plans are discounted from in season rates and prepaid ONLY. You may sign up by calling us at 508-507-9201 or by following the marketplace link below. If you would prefer to pay by check, please print out this form and mail to our office before the close of enrollment. Spaces are limited. Our service schedule is a first come first serve basis. Once our service schedule is full, in-season rates will apply.

Go to our marketplace to sign up.