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Service Rates

Service Call

To arrive at  your home and perform work we charge a service call fee. This price covers the cost of us to arrive at your home plus any work we will perform during the first hour and a half. After the first hour and a half we will bill an additional hourly rate, which is published below. For a list of service call fees, scroll down to the zone map at the bottom of the page.

We do not use Flat Rate Pricing

To be fair to us and to you, we cannot use flat rate pricing for work that we do not know the true scope of. The amount of work required to to properly clean your stove is affected by many variables which we cannot know until we arrive. Our goal is to return your stove to perfect running order and then check our work to make sure that everything is working before we leave.

This process takes time and each situation is different. If we are attempting to resolve a performance or mechanical problem, we must clean the entire stove prior to troubleshooting. Often, this alone will solve most problems.

Stove Installation and Verification (New Procedure)

Starting in December of 2011 we will now be completing a stove installation and verification form for each service call. We have elected to make this mandatory for all service calls. This process takes but a few minutes and may in fact save your life.

In the hearth industry, should a problem ever occur, such as a house fire initiating from a pellet stove, many factors will be investigated to determine the cause including, but limited to us and our previous history with the stove. Due to an ever increasing amount stoves which are not installed properly, we need to protect ourselves and you by verifying each installation and keeing a record or all services performed.

Things You Should Know
  1. If your pellet stove is not installed to specification, we may not be able to work on it if it presents a safety hazard.
  2. If your stove is non-conforming and we cannot work on it due to safety reasons, we must still charge for the service call whether we are hired to to correct the problem or not. The objective is not to make money for doing nothing but to make sure that each installation is safe AND that we are paid for time invested in doing so.
  3. If your stove installation is non-conforming, conditions may allow us to continue work; however, we will not be able to fire the stove up to check our work until the installation is conforming. You will need to sign a waiver stating that the stove should not be used in its present condition.
  4. If your stove is not installed properly we will inform you and outline what actions are required to make it safe.
  5. We will provide you with an estimate of costs if additional parts and/or labor are required.
  6. We reserve the final judgement on what stoves we will work on and what stove we will not work on.

Repair Work

All repair work is subject to the service call rate schedule plus the cost of parts if needed. Troubleshooting a problematic stove will require a thorough cleaning of the system. While we try to minimize the out of pocket cost to you please understand that in order to solve a problem, we need to first return the stove to a neutral state by cleaning it. Stoves which are not maintained properly will inherently cost more to get up and running as we will need to spend more time cleaning than inspecting.


Pellet Stove Parts

We have vendors for most parts outside of retail dealerships. Most parts are sold to us at a discount below retail which enables us to acquire them without billing for our time we invest to order and procure them. Though we may stock common parts which are needed for common problems on popular stoves, we cannot afford to stock every part for every problem or every stove.  For this reason, repair work often requires a return trip.

Home heating is a season business and as such, during the peak heating season (October-March) parts can be hard to come by for some manufacturers, especially those brands which are no longer manufactured.

Some parts are ONLY available through retail dealerships. Parts which we can only get from a dealership will be marked up 25% over the cost to us. In most cases this will become a 25% mark-up over retail. To save money on this mark-up, we will tell you the part number and you may procure these parts yourself. After you have picked up the parts and have them on hand, we will schedule a time to come back and install them. This process of saving a 25% mark-up will incur additional delays in getting your stove running and is an obstacle to us as an independent service company.


We do not give free estimates for pellet stove installations unless you are considering a stove purchase through us. The charge for a comprehensive estimate is what ever the published Service Call Rate is for your service zone.

If you purchase a stove from us and hire us for the installation, we will credit the estimate fee. Use the rate schedule below to get overall estimated costs for your pellet stove installation. These are estimated labor and material rates. Actual costs will vary.

 Installation Type
 Labor  Est Material*
Direct vent out through a wall
 $500  $300
Direct vent out with 3-5 foot rise or in a corner
 $550  $500
Direct vent out through a double wall
 $600.00  $600
Through Concrete or brick add
 $150  Per foot
Through a roof
 $700 +
Chimney Installation w/  full liner
 $550  $625
Masonry Adapted Free standing
 $650 +
Fabrication of parts
$95 hr
$40 min
Reusing old pipe (add this to any installation)
Add OAK (outside air kit) to install
 $125  $125+
Obtain permit or return inspection visit
 $200  (permit cost)


All Massachusetts and Rhode Island installations require permits. Prior to your installation we will obtain all necessary permits on your behalf for a fee of $200 plus the cost of the permit. Getting permits takes time and often must be done in person during specific times during the week. Basically, involves a lot of running around.

To avoid this fee, homeowners can obtain their own permit in advance. If you need paperwork from us, please call our office and we will email you an installation packet with all of our information. Additionally, we are happy to docusign, email or fax signatures to respective parties and/or send certificates of our insurance at no charge.

Please note, if you are handing the permit, we expect the permit to on site during the installation. If you don't have a physical copy of the permit when we arrive for the installation we are going to charge you an additional $200, plus the cost of the permit and we will make sure the permit in finalized.

Stove Delivery

If you purchased a stove and need to get it your house, we will pick it up and deliver it for for you. Please call for rates, 508-507-9201.

New England Service Area

We are no longer offer tiered pricing for zones within our service area. Updated service call pricing for 2014-15 is:

$265.00 for the first 1 1/2 hr., $95 per hour thereafter in 15 minute increments
anywhere within the red shaded area. We will travel outside of this area from time to time, don't be afraid to ask.