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To enable us to better serve you, we ask that you please use email or text messaging. If want to book an appointment please use the self booking calendar link to the left. If you must leave a phone message, please note that phone calls are returned each Wednesday morning from 8am-12pm.
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Pellet Stove Repair

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 We provide repair service for nearly any brand of pellet stove

The good news is, stoves that are having difficulty running properly, may only need to be professionally cleaned. The bad news, pellet stove problems can be elusive and hard to troubleshoot, even for the best trained dealership certified technicians. If you want a service person who is wholeheartedly devoted to your pellet burning appliance...look no further!

For stoves which are experiencing feeding and performance issues

If we are not familiar with your stove, we will need to perform a thorough cleaning of it prior to attempting to resolve any performance issue. We do this to inspect all of the vital controls and get the stove to a "neutral" state. In most cases, cleaning your pellet stove properly will resolve common feeding and performance problems. Once the unit is clean, narrowing the problem becomes much easier and there is less chance of a misdiagnoses and a needless return trip. This process takes about 2 hours for one technician to do it properly.

Our goal: to get your stove running properly as quick as possible for as long as possible and enable you to experience a trouble free heating season.

For stoves which require replacement parts

We do stock parts for many stoves to repair common problems. Sorry, we do not warehouse all parts for every brand and may need to order your pellet stove part.

In most cases we can replace a broken part within a day or two. Many dealer exclusive parts, such as control boards, glass, burn pots, fire brick or heat sensors, may take upwards to a week or longer to obtain. All parts must be paid for in full before ordering. When we return to install a part, we will not bill the service call fee again but will charge the hourly rate to install it.

Sorry, but we DO NOT provide warranty services unless your dealer or manufacturer has directed us to do so. You should contact your dealer where the pellet stove was purchased for warranty claims.

Purchasing parts from us
We only stock a limited amount of parts. If you need a replacement part and want to perform the repair yourself, please contact us via email. We may have a part we can sell you. All part sales must be picked up by you at our location. Appointments are necessary.

Learn more about what we do.

As of 2015, we have changed how we interact with our customers and will no longer be accepting or returning phone calls as a general way to get information or to book service appointments. We love our work and respectfully appreciate each of customers needs, but due to an overwhelming demand for our services, we have to become more efficient at the work we do and cut out the wasted time associated with doing business over the phone.

We are a very small operation. If we aren't working on a stove, most likely we are in transit going to another stove...and since I have a family, boundaries concerning how I interact with that side of my life just needs to be respected.

For information, use the website.
To book an appointment, use the website.
To set up an installation, use the installation quote from the website.
We can receive text messages at our office number, this is the best way to make general inquiries.
Email is another option for questions, send them to: service@pelletstoveservice.com

Last but not least, invest in us as a company and buy a service plan from February-May and beat the rush, have your stove service routinely during the summer.

To give you some perspective, on Sunday, October 18th it was 34 degrees with snow flurries, the following day, Monday October 20th we received more than 400 phone calls. It takes hours just to listen to them all, let alone triage, call back and schedule.

Thanks for your understanding.